Global Trends in Mobile Telephony

Mobile phone’s omnipotence now remains unquestioned. This is the clear indication given out to the consuming world at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona recently. In the words of Eric Schmidt, Chairman and Managing Director of Google, the mobile phone is no longer just a device but is the alter ego of the user and has become fundamental to everything the user does. Manufacturing companies unveiled their plans to introduce new products and services in order to retain or achieve supremacy in the market. Reports also speak about the impending competition between various well known players. Samsung and Nokia are sure that they will retain the market shares in spite of the challenges posed by Apple and Technology leaders like Google and Microsoft. The participants were provided with the details of surging demands for Google Android mobile operating system in the global markets. Mobile market leaders have no doubts about their capabilities to make the products more consumer oriented. They exhibited their latest software applications which are ‘designed to simplify communication and make the mobile phone the ultimate do anything gadget’.

The annual meet of the Industry leaders gave encouraging news to the consuming world. Microsoft is introducing Windows Phone 7 series, their new mobile operating system which can take on Apple iPhone. Accent is on social networking and communication to enlarge customer base or patronage. Samsung also announced their social oriented operating system ‘Bada’. Sony Ericsson will foray into the market with their Mini X10 phone which is Google Android based one. Google Android has now several takers like Taiwan based HTC apart from well known brands like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Acer. Competition between Google, Apple and Microsoft will become stiffer in sharing mobile operating systems.

There were other positive trends that are equally delighting for the consumers all over the world. HTC has plans to market their sleek handsets with a slide out QWERTY key board. This may pose as a challenge to the impending plans of Apple iPhones. Sony Ericsson has their credit card sized mobile phone Mini X10, which is featured with touch screen. Such new products will create new waves in the global market. The trend in the mobile phone market indicates the strong consumer interests in miniaturized versions of the devices that are being introduced. Some of the new products in this context are innovative with refreshing modernity.

An outstanding product showcased in the meet is PUMA phone manufactured by Sagem. The Company’s watchword is ‘I am not like other phones’. According to the reports the menu systems of Puma are ‘fun and frivolous’. It is featured with GPS and Solar panels for recharging the batteries. The use of solar panels will definitely delight the environmentalists. Another innovative feature is the ‘Swype’. The users can type on the virtual keyboard by simply swiping fingers over the keypad. Motorola Quench will feature this programme.

The message is very clear. Mobile phone enthusiasts can expect bonanzas in the coming months. Leaders in the Industry are redefining the concept of mobile telephony. It is not a simple device but ‘the ultimate do anything gadget’ that is awaiting the consumers when the impending plans of the industry leaders are materialized.

New Trends In Mobile Communications

Mobile’ is such a vast term which opens up to all kinds of technologies and interfaces and makes them portable. The convergence of technologies into this device has made mobile communications reach new heights. Dialing a call or messaging is not the only way to communicate with people. The emergence of 3G has integrated technologies, products and services into aiming at making the user communication easier, thus opening up more and more options for communications.

With business people engaged on to their e-mails not risking on their global clientele, the mobiles have started supporting various e-mailing interfaces to keep the user connected to his business. The e-mailing options have been made completely mobile by also allowing the user to attach files and documents he has worked upon in his Office applications, which are also installed onto his mobile. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), which allows users to transfer data amounting to small video clips and images wirelessly, have now advanced to EDGE technology which helps to transfer bigger files at a faster pace. Bluetooth technology has been a boon in the wireless field. Bluetooth has enabled access to larger files, applications and also made listening to music wire free. But it has its own limitations within the area it covers. With the zest to make the device more user-friendly came in the Wi-Fi enabled phones which could connect to the internet over the selected Wi-Fi hot spots. Even in India by the next decade Wi-Fi spots are being planned in colleges, campuses, coffee shops and business parks. Thus the Wi-Fi enabled phones are the next in target for the users seeking to go with time.

Entertainment too has been made wireless. Media communication is ever growing. This growing media needs users to connect with them in the easiest possible manner for they are dependent on the users and vice-a-versa. Thus we have phones which have a dedicated application of hearing online music and to download it. The list of the songs is maintained by the phone or the service provider and the various tie-ups they have. Even gamers can now connect on a gaming portal and play with different users through their mobiles. Live TV has been introduced into the phones, to bring the latest news, happenings and your favorite programs into your hands, at the click of a button and all this being just Mobile!

Many online mobile stores offer such a great range of handsets that it is never a mammoth task to find the handset of your favorite color or shape. These web-based mobile shops give you the best deals and most desirable phone right at your door step. The online mobile shops allow you to take your own time, compare rates, read reviews and then allow you to decide to buy your favorite mobile phone.

New Trends in Mobile Office Technology

There was time when people use to go to their office in the traditional way, work for 8 hours and return back home to spend time with their family. Time has changed and so does the ways of working. People still go to their offices to manage daily business transactions, but today they manage their business with the help of new technology which is also moving with great speed. One has to agree on the fact that introduction of digital communication medium has made great twist-n-turns in keeping us connected to our counterparts every time.

Digital communication has simplified things to such an extent that we now have a mobile phone such as a sophisticated Blackberry, which helps the user stay connected to his/her emails along with scheduled appointments. Since all the mobile companies offer internet connection through their own mobile network, Mobile phone users can browse through their blackberry handsets to catch up on their emails and web browser to explore through the web pages.

Things are still evolving around the time factor as many companies heads their focus on the term On-Time Delivery, which makes them to push hard to achieve the desired results. Similarly, majority of people would like to run their own business someday and work for themselves rather. This dream is not away from such people as many are currently working for themselves by sitting at home and seeking online jobs which again are driven upon on-time delivery criteria. But as a matter of fact, not may people could sit at home and work in pressure and same atmosphere all the time, they need change and hence, we are having mobile office technology being introduced which has the greatest impact on many than any other trend has ever before.

What do you need to get yourself on the mobile office technology? The term mobile office might sounds strange as people are still impacted by their office-going attitude or culture. But things are getting into places as people have started their own business on move as one would say. A car can keep you on move, a mobile phone can keep you connected and with the introduction of the car desk, you have all your office stationary requirements fulfilled. The car desk gives you a facility to write or take short notes on the writing pad, gets you the bag space to keep your important documents and filers etc. End of the day, you can zip-up the mobile car desk and take it wherever you travel.

Being mobile keeps you on move as always and gives the time to prepare your work irrespective of your location to present in front of the client and get the much anticipated work you are looking for. Not only that using the wireless internet access, you can stay intact with your appointment alerts, email notification etc which just required you to park the car and work as and when required.

Hosting Raja Web Hosting Reviews

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Mobile Communication: Leveraging Technology

10 years back no one would have imagined in his wildest of dreams that a time will come when mobile phones will be attainable even for a rickshaw driver. Everything will be accessible on mobile devices. Bills will be paid, money would be transferred, online shopping done and data be stored on a single compact device called a mobile phone. This is what we call a revolution in mobile technology. This radical change has indeed taken us by a storm and transformed our lives for good.

Mobile communication is today growing by leaps and bounds. The limits to what a mobile can do have become unfathomable. Its horizons are continuously widening and the bridge between people and technology is narrowing. If everything from news to sports, weather forecast, social media was once available online, all these are now available on mobiles too. This is all because of the boom in mobile technology. Today the whole world is connected with billions of users which make 80% of the world population. This means that only 20% of the world population has remained untouched from this mobile metamorphosis. This kind of surge has been unparalleled in human history so far.

Talking about India, we are the second largest mobile market in the world after China. We have the fastest growing market in terms of net subscribers added per month. The best part is that this quantum leap is not only coming from the urban sector but also the rural sector. GSM technology has become common and we also have the highest per user talk time consumption. In tune with the cultural diversity of India, our mobiles are also multi-lingual and multi-regional.

The introduction of value added services (VAS) is culpable for this plunge in mobile technology. Be it music, literature, TV or shopping, mobile VAS has touched every aspect of our lives. Music downloads, innovative ring tones, captivating games, GPRS services, missed call alerts, mobile banking etc are all part of the VAS package offered by mobile companies. It will not be wrong to say that these VAS services have become a USP for companies selling mobile phones. This mobile entertainment market has led to an evolution of mobile networks. No doubt the mobile service providers are reaping full advantage of this trend and going to their banks laughing.

According to trade analysts, the next big thing already hitting the mobile market is social networking. Social media has become a global hub to discuss issues affecting the lives of people around the world. The customer has become a focal point around which the whole world of marketing and campaigns revolve.

This social web of mobile has simplified lives and connected different people. It has enabled a two-way communication model and provided a platform to discuss global issues, events and brands. At a time when more of the people access internet on mobiles rather than their computers, the marketing world is also making optimum use of this platform for its advertising and marketing campaigns.

Moreover, apart from mobile service providers, it’s the mobile application developers who are consummating this trend and coming up with newer and innovative solutions for the customers. Indeed, the time is ripe for the application developer companies to leverage technology and put it to its optimum use.

Understanding Local Mobile Marketing

Are you confused yet? First it was social media and understanding how it can help your business. And before you can get it fully implemented and see the value with ROI, you are hit with this new trend – Local Mobile Marketing. Your head must be swimming with an overload of information.

Opportunities to do businesses with people on the other side of the globe became easier with Internet and websites. You no longer needed a brick and mortar office, an online presence will do. Your business can sell its products via an online site. Customers visit your “virtual store” and place their orders. Your system confirms it automatically while you wait for confirmation of their payment via your online merchant account and then the item is shipped to the client. Almost instantly your business cycle is complete.

But what if you DO have a brick and mortar business and don’t sell products online? You need to drive traffic not to an online store or website but to your PHYSICAL LOCATION. Local mobile marketing is the driving force behind getting new clients in your door.

What is local mobile marketing and how will it help your business?

The Mobile Marketing Association defines mobile marketing as, “… a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

A more specific definition is the following: “using interactive wireless media to provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas, thereby generating value for all stakeholders,” as provided by Wikipedia.

With millions of people having access to mobile phones, there is indeed a goldmine of opportunity when considering mobile marketing for your company, no matter how big or small it is.

Imagine sending out a promotion to your clients… to their mobile phones. It might be a dinner special, a unique offer only available using a special code found in your message or a free haircut for those who come and visit you on a certain day. No matter what your offer is, your clients will get the information instantly.

You have increased the likelihood that your message will be read immediately by sending it to your clients’ phone rather than their email Inbox, and if they just happen to be within the vicinity, you may have also increased the probability of them visiting your business NOW!

That is a very simplistic explanation of what local mobile advertising is, but this is just an introduction. If you want to learn more I can always text you. Put your business in front of those that take action, open the doors and get on board with local mobile marketing.

Global Citizens Interact Freely In The Mobile Web

Recent developments in the Mobile Web have made it easier for individuals and businesses alike to instantly interact with the audience they have in mind. In the span of a few years, the mobile web has successfully bridged the gap once caused by time and distance. Today, a business located as far as Asia can easily set up another shop in Canada and be able to directly interact with the consumers there through mobile phones. A student from the United States can easily maintain the connections he has formed with Chinese friends he met during a trip to Hong Kong.

Indeed, the mobile web has broken barriers between cities, countries, and continents; paving the way for a global interactive community.

Mobile Site Providers

Perhaps one of the most important advancements made in mobile technology is the rise of mobile site builders. These platform sites enable individuals and businesses to easily create their own mobile web sites. In a nutshell, mobile sites are the mobile counterparts and mini versions of web sites we see in the Internet.

Mobile site builders provide highly innovative custom tools that allow mobile phone users to creatively express their individuality. Mobile sites also serve as non-traditional channels of communication for businesses to enhance their presence among markets. These sites actually offer a lot of flexibility that you may do with it as you please. Among its many uses include mobile blogging, file sharing, event postings, online mobile portfolios, mobile business catalogues, etc. And these form only the tip of the iceberg.

The features of mobile sites vary according to the mobile site provider . Some mobile site builders cater to social networkers alone, offering profile pages and file sharing features. Some cater mainly to businesses, with tools tailored to meet the needs of companies looking to elevate their presence in their markets. Some platform sites even go so far as to provide tools that would cater to both social networkers and business institutions.

Mobilemo, for example, provides user-friendly customization tools that may be used for both personal and business purposes. Among the site’s features include a tool designed to create Polls and Surveys that both entities may use to interact with their target audience. Teens and Adults alike use it to create surveys and polls soliciting opinions among social networks about the latest news and events. Most of its business members, on the other hand, use the tool to discern the tastes, preferences, buying habits and spending trends of their consumers.

Mobile phone users are also given the freedom to customize their sites according to the vision they have in mind. A wide array of themes and color schemes are available, giving users the liberty to design a site that would best represent their vision. Some site builders even feature emulators that allow users to view how their mobile site would look after the changes they have made.

The New HTC Pure Mobile Phone

HTC has launched a lot of mobile phones to lay eyes on this time of the year and the Android technology that HTC has been imparting is conceived to be the trend that mobile enthusiast will be gunning for this year. One of these said phones is the fantastic HTC Pure. This Smartphone is fashioned to purely blow your mobile fantasies away.

The sleek and professional design of this device makes it a very superb communication accessory for any occasion. This mobile phone is slender and lightweight and really good to take in the hand. The rectangular minimalist design with polished corners is also established to fit your pouches.

The touchscreen that prevails the front measures nearly 3.2 inches and has resolutions of up to 480 x 800 with 65 thousand colors. It also holds an accelerometer, the TouchFLO 3D thumb gesture navigation and a touch reactive zoom. Writing or Penning new electronic messages is as simplified as ever with the script recognition innovation.

The HTC Pure SIM Free mobile phone is a smart pick for the business class particularly for the executive directors who call for mobility and reliable handset capabilities. The HTC Pure genuinely demonstrates pure processing ability with the QUalcomm MSM7200A Mhz CPU at its core with an internal 288MB storage and running on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional.

The multimedia innovations it possesses likewise merits a look. It holds an FM Tuner to keep you abreast of the latest news show locally and globally. It likewise bears a committed MP3/Music player. The mobile phone makes a surprisingly gratifying task of taking care of playbacks as well. A 5 megapixel photographic camera is also integrated in this stunning gadget with 2592 x 1944 pixels and automatic focus. Certainly, seizing those best-loved instances has never been this fun and elegant.

The Pure takes electronic messaging and communicating in to a whole new level as it lets you to see a chronicle of your chitchat with whoever you accepted contact with. Your conversations are set for viewing; electronic are threaded and follow through in a tree of communication with that person.

Market Trends of Mobile Applications

By Considering the trend of rapid development of the software market, we can say with confidence that the development of mobile apps claim to a great future because today this segment is the subject of a broad discussion. Today, smart phones and electronic tablets have become an integral part of everyday life. Consequently, a wide variety of applications and amendments to them are becoming increasingly popular for both leisure and business. Regardless of whether we are dealing with friends or doing search of any information in the global network without the appropriate software is not enough. Special attention is given to develop mobile applications for business. The analytical software products, management and control systems as well as a wide variety of digital communications have become an inherent part of any modern company.

Main applications of mobile software in addition to the business and leisure should be noted the presence of other areas not less urgent to develop applications. Education and medicine, planning and management, news and geolocation, and of course social networks and blogs, these are just some of the areas in which many developers are trying their hand today. According to statistics, the most popular mobile platforms today are iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian OS, and relatively recently introduced system MeeGo. For each of these operating systems, mobile application development has its own peculiarities exploring that can give a rough estimate of trends in the development of this segment. Priorities for the development of mobile applications.

Smartphones and the Emerging Markets

A smart phone is a mobile phone with more advanced computing ability than a contemporary basic feature phone. They are handheld Computers integrated within a mobile telephone, and allows the user to install and run more applications based on a specific platform.

Growth in demand for advanced mobile devices boasting powerful processors, abundant memory, larger screens, and open operating systems has outpaced the rest of the mobile phone market for several years.

According to a Study by ComScore, over 45.5 million people in the United States owned smart phones in 2010 and it is the fastest growing segment of the mobile phone market, which comprised 234 million subscribers in the United States.

Business and markets analysis show that the key factor to revolutionizing markets across the globe are Innovations that brings cutting-edge and inspires passion, engagement and fun for Customers or Subscribers.

As we all know we are in an information age, and whatever enhances information is valuable. Wise investors now are putting their money in Company stocks that have relative terms with Improvised technology and device manufacturing that enhances and improves Information Gateway and connectivity.

It is amazing to see how the Mobile phone device has transformed and evolved from just normal features of making and receiving calls, sending and receiving sms to becoming a smart phone with fully loaded features and add-ons that enables browsing, synchronization of office mails and networking via the social networks available like facebook, twitter.

The World is changing and technology is becoming rapid by the day. Even the Holy Bible Book of Daniel has an account that foretells of this time when knowledge shall increase across the Globe. So it is rather amazing to see how the Globe has transformed through the Smartphone devices.

The first set of Smartphones in the 20th Century was Simon designed by IBM in 1992, followed by the Nokia Communicator line Nokia 9000 released in 1996 and Ericsson’s GS88. These smartphones had the features calendar, notepad, world clock, e-mail service, open operating system, and expensive Personal Digital assistant(PDA).

In the 21st Century we have seen more improvised innovations that have positioned the Manufacturing firms as the leading and richest companies in the Globe today. The beauty is that every day it keeps improving and there is very heavy competition between key innovative companies Apple, Ericsson and RIM (Research in Motion) with every strategy employed to keep afloat and sustain their relevance in the markets.

The Three afore-mentioned companies are smart companies because they improvised the smart phone device and have profited handsomely from it, which shows that they lead customers with innovation not just responding to their current trends.

The smart phones have now generated unique value in the markets as younger people not even the elite working class want to have the smart phone device.This value has catapulted companies like Nokia, Apple, Ericsson and RIM to play dominant roles in the technology sector.

In 2000 Ericsson released the touch screen R380 the first device to use the symbian OS. Followed by P800 in 2002 the first camera smartphone. Handspring released the Palm OS Treo smart phone in 2002, utilizing a full keyboard that combined wireless web browsing, email, calendar and organizer with third party applications.

RIM released the Blackberry in 2002, LG prada and HTC touch were released in 2007, and Apple introduced the unique iphone in 2009 which has been on high demand. Nokia released this year the Nexus One using the Android OS.

Microsoft amazingly has observed the growing trend and turnovers coming to Apple and RIM, and have decided to re-launch themselves in the smart phone market with an improvised smart phone innovation device “Microsoft 7” which is geared towards giving other Manufacturers like Apple and RIM stiff competition.

The markets now have a variety of smart phones to choose from, with intriguing cutting edge technologies and sensation additions and features. This is bringing huge and unusual profit turnovers for the Manufacturers with accelerated revenue.

According to ABI research the emerging markets has seen the availability of more cutting edge less expensive smart phones than the past years in diverse forms and makes. It has also brought value to telecommunications Service providers who have explored the opportunities of the smart phones offers increasing their Leverage.

So From America, Europe, Asia to Africa the Mobile manufacturers have shipped 55 million smart phones during the first quarter of 2010, a remarkable drive in the global markets which has obviously engaged all the Mobile and Gadgets companies in high-level thinking and supersonic innovation to really gain relevance in this mind blowing but money-spinning product called “smart phones’.

Whether it is the “Blackberry”, the “iPhone OS 4”, or the “Nexus one” the smart phones have revolutionized the markets, and for this century have emerged as a products that have embraced high-level technology and would be rated as one of “The Market Transformers” which have also served as ‘social networking enablers’ which is unique for a globalized World.