Global Citizens Interact Freely In The Mobile Web

Recent developments in the Mobile Web have made it easier for individuals and businesses alike to instantly interact with the audience they have in mind. In the span of a few years, the mobile web has successfully bridged the gap once caused by time and distance. Today, a business located as far as Asia can easily set up another shop in Canada and be able to directly interact with the consumers there through mobile phones. A student from the United States can easily maintain the connections he has formed with Chinese friends he met during a trip to Hong Kong.

Indeed, the mobile web has broken barriers between cities, countries, and continents; paving the way for a global interactive community.

Mobile Site Providers

Perhaps one of the most important advancements made in mobile technology is the rise of mobile site builders. These platform sites enable individuals and businesses to easily create their own mobile web sites. In a nutshell, mobile sites are the mobile counterparts and mini versions of web sites we see in the Internet.

Mobile site builders provide highly innovative custom tools that allow mobile phone users to creatively express their individuality. Mobile sites also serve as non-traditional channels of communication for businesses to enhance their presence among markets. These sites actually offer a lot of flexibility that you may do with it as you please. Among its many uses include mobile blogging, file sharing, event postings, online mobile portfolios, mobile business catalogues, etc. And these form only the tip of the iceberg.

The features of mobile sites vary according to the mobile site provider . Some mobile site builders cater to social networkers alone, offering profile pages and file sharing features. Some cater mainly to businesses, with tools tailored to meet the needs of companies looking to elevate their presence in their markets. Some platform sites even go so far as to provide tools that would cater to both social networkers and business institutions.

Mobilemo, for example, provides user-friendly customization tools that may be used for both personal and business purposes. Among the site’s features include a tool designed to create Polls and Surveys that both entities may use to interact with their target audience. Teens and Adults alike use it to create surveys and polls soliciting opinions among social networks about the latest news and events. Most of its business members, on the other hand, use the tool to discern the tastes, preferences, buying habits and spending trends of their consumers.

Mobile phone users are also given the freedom to customize their sites according to the vision they have in mind. A wide array of themes and color schemes are available, giving users the liberty to design a site that would best represent their vision. Some site builders even feature emulators that allow users to view how their mobile site would look after the changes they have made.