Global Trends in Mobile Telephony

Mobile phone’s omnipotence now remains unquestioned. This is the clear indication given out to the consuming world at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona recently. In the words of Eric Schmidt, Chairman and Managing Director of Google, the mobile phone is no longer just a device but is the alter ego of the user and has become fundamental to everything the user does. Manufacturing companies unveiled their plans to introduce new products and services in order to retain or achieve supremacy in the market. Reports also speak about the impending competition between various well known players. Samsung and Nokia are sure that they will retain the market shares in spite of the challenges posed by Apple and Technology leaders like Google and Microsoft. The participants were provided with the details of surging demands for Google Android mobile operating system in the global markets. Mobile market leaders have no doubts about their capabilities to make the products more consumer oriented. They exhibited their latest software applications which are ‘designed to simplify communication and make the mobile phone the ultimate do anything gadget’.

The annual meet of the Industry leaders gave encouraging news to the consuming world. Microsoft is introducing Windows Phone 7 series, their new mobile operating system which can take on Apple iPhone. Accent is on social networking and communication to enlarge customer base or patronage. Samsung also announced their social oriented operating system ‘Bada’. Sony Ericsson will foray into the market with their Mini X10 phone which is Google Android based one. Google Android has now several takers like Taiwan based HTC apart from well known brands like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Acer. Competition between Google, Apple and Microsoft will become stiffer in sharing mobile operating systems.

There were other positive trends that are equally delighting for the consumers all over the world. HTC has plans to market their sleek handsets with a slide out QWERTY key board. This may pose as a challenge to the impending plans of Apple iPhones. Sony Ericsson has their credit card sized mobile phone Mini X10, which is featured with touch screen. Such new products will create new waves in the global market. The trend in the mobile phone market indicates the strong consumer interests in miniaturized versions of the devices that are being introduced. Some of the new products in this context are innovative with refreshing modernity.

An outstanding product showcased in the meet is PUMA phone manufactured by Sagem. The Company’s watchword is ‘I am not like other phones’. According to the reports the menu systems of Puma are ‘fun and frivolous’. It is featured with GPS and Solar panels for recharging the batteries. The use of solar panels will definitely delight the environmentalists. Another innovative feature is the ‘Swype’. The users can type on the virtual keyboard by simply swiping fingers over the keypad. Motorola Quench will feature this programme.

The message is very clear. Mobile phone enthusiasts can expect bonanzas in the coming months. Leaders in the Industry are redefining the concept of mobile telephony. It is not a simple device but ‘the ultimate do anything gadget’ that is awaiting the consumers when the impending plans of the industry leaders are materialized.