Hosting Raja Web Hosting Reviews

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For requirements like hosting websites and email, it requires total trust in a hosting service provider. Hosting Raja is different from its competitors as we do not offer bargains at the price of reliable service. Our web hosting services  packages and prices are reasonable for the quality service you receive from us.

Indian web hosting solutions can now be found at Hosting Raja. We provide hosting for resellers, shared hosting clients and VPS accounts in India which means you get your preferred Indian hosting according to your own or your website visitors’ location.

For Indian businesses and webmasters, it is advisable to have your websites hosted on a local server close to you or the clients’ location – it helps run a website successfully. If the visitors of your website take fewer jumps to get to your content, then there is a possibility that they will come back again because you can provide them with the required information, they are looking for faster than others.

Why is there no unlimited plan?

With the kind of technology involved in shared hosting, you share hardware and bandwidth resources with others. And, order to keep a high-quality level and a reliable performance for all connected on the server, we just must limit usage on a per-account basis. One client who misuses an unlimited plan might affect all others on the server, and we simply do not want this to happen with any of our clients.

Great Customer Support and Services

Hosting Raja provides a consistent and stable Indian hosting platform where you are at ease for all things. Our users have been enthusiastic about our astonishing customer service and support. We employ an international team of some of the most well-informed hosting experts in the industry. They are always available to help through the phone, email, live chat, or via our help desk built right into our offstage client area. Additionally, our server infrastructure works in such a way that our services are regularly being improved upon, to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Test Your Connection to Our Indian Servers

Want to test your connection to the server before signing up? We offer you both a file to download and an IP address to ping or traceroute to which allows you to see how fast you will get access to your website content.