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Things To Know About Slip And Fall Accidents

There are many people who are injured daily after falling and slipping in their workplace and some at home. The common causes of slip and fall accidents include wet floors, damaged stairways, uneven flooring, unsafe construction areas, poorly maintained sidewalks, low lighting in busy areas and faulty handrails .

By familiarizing yourself with the causes of slip and fall accidents you can protect yourself from such incidents. The following are important facts on slip and fall accidents to help you in case you suffer as a result of it.

Owners of business premises have the responsibility to keep the building safe. Some people who suffer personal injuries after falling and slipping carry the burden alone without realizing that the property owner is obliged to keep the place safe for walking.

Owners of premises who are found to be negligent in keeping the office or walkway safe for walking will be held responsible in the event that a slip and fall accident occurs and someone is injured. That means people who get involved in slip and fall accidents should immediately call their lawyer who will help them in seeking justice and compensation for any pain and suffering that they experience.

Senior citizens are mostly affected by slip and fall accidents. The chances of bone-breaking among senior citizens are higher because as time goes by, the bones tend to be more brittle. Slip and fall accidents among the senior citizens mostly lead to injuries on the hips and their backs.

It is for this reason that senior citizens are advised to work extra hard to avoid areas where they are likely to be involved in slip and fall accidents. A single slip and fall accident can potentially leave a senior citizen immobile which reduces their independence and quality of life.

If you slip and fall, be quiet about the case and only speak to your attorney. What happens in most cases is that the insurance company of the company you are accusing of negligence will reach out. When they reach out to you, keep in mind that you are not legally obligated to respond to their queries irrespective of how awkward the situation will present itself. If you speak up without your lawyer, you might shoot yourself in the foot and fail to get the compensation you are looking for.

The other important thing is to preserve all the evidence as much as possible which includes keeping the shoes and clothes you had when you fell.